Mission, vision and values


The University of Hull was established in 1927 and granted a Royal Charter in 1954, making it England’s fourteenth-oldest university.

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Mission, Vision and Values

Strategic Plan 2016-2020

Rich in tradition, our University has a proud heritage of academic excellence and a history of creating and inspiring transformative impact. We will celebrate our 90th anniversary during the planning period, coinciding with Hull’s year as UK City of Culture in 2017.

Central to our mission are the principles that have informed our University since its founding: a conviction that stature and reputation can only be built on academic excellence, a belief in the power of our University to help build a better world, a commitment to our local communities, and a recognition of our responsibility to inspire the next generation of students. Our vision articulates the University’s commitment to shaping a better future – ‘inspired in Hull to go beyond’.

The University of Hull's motto – Lampada Ferens, 'Carrying the light of learning' – links our mission and vision


The University of Hull’s Royal Charter describes its purpose and mission to

"...advance education, scholarship, knowledge and understanding by teaching and research, for the benefit of individuals and society at large"

We interpret our mission in a modern context with a renewed focus on excellence in learning, teaching, research and enterprise, a transformative student experience and being an internationally engaged anchor institution for our surrounding regions.

Faithful to our founding principles, we remain committed to raising educational aspirations, especially in the communities that we most directly serve. We will ensure that we remain accessible to all students with the potential to succeed, regardless of their financial circumstances.

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The University of Hull will be recognised for academic excellence that empowers people to shape the future

Shaping the future, going beyond

Our ambitions are bold and challenging. We will pursue our vision with a determination to exceed expectations, to contribute ever greater outcomes towards shaping a better world, and to encourage our students to strive for excellence. The notion of ‘going beyond’ is embedded in our excellence agenda and expresses our ambition to do more, achieve more, go the extra mile and create new horizons. As trustees of the future, universities must proactively contribute to creating a better future, not passively react to a world that others have shaped.

Our success in creating a better future will be gauged by the extent to which the University, its staff, students and alumni make a difference, add value and achieve a positive impact. The emphasis is on influencing broader outcomes, not just on attaining outputs which, important as they may be, are often interim and shorter-term milestones.

The University of Hull embraces the advancement of education, the quest for knowledge and scholarship, and empowering people as the means of shaping that future. In pursuing these goals, we shall exhibit the spirit of going beyond. We can only do this by seeking actively to engage with the world and inviting the world to engage with us – promoting the notion of engagement in all our endeavours.

Education, knowledge and scholarship know no boundaries, and their pursuit is a global endeavour. We will strengthen our international reach, going beyond to engage with scholars, students and partners worldwide and benchmarking our activities globally.

Our transformative student experience integrates academic excellence with the development of rounded individuals. Moreover, it goes beyond to encompass our engagement with prospective students and raising aspirations, and the seamless progression for our students after graduation, when our alumni continue to reap the benefits of a lifetime’s engagement with their alma mater.

The quality and impact of teaching are advanced by taking our academic offer online and beyond our own shores, and by going beyond formal instruction towards creating an environment and a learning culture where our students not only engage with established knowledge but also participate, through critical questioning and thinking, in the discovery and development of new knowledge.

Ensuring the delivery of impact through effective translation of academic excellence is central to our mission. The discovery and creation of knowledge should lead to the application and transmission of knowledge and to translational research. In the spirit of going beyond, enterprise becomes a natural extension of our learning, teaching and research, as part of a broader engagement agenda.

We consider research and enterprise to be a continuum, and we will align our organisational structures and processes to support this approach. Our interdisciplinary themes are embodied in the cross-faculty University institutes, augmenting our academic disciplines, and provide the opportunity to advance the quest for knowledge.

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A value-driven organisational culture - empowering the institution.

Our strategy continues to recognise the importance of a value-driven organisational culture to empower our institution and our people to successfully achieve our goals. Our values of being connected, excellent and open were highlighted in Strategic Plan (2011–2015). Strategies can only succeed when they are underpinned by a strong and appropriate organisational culture, and bringing about culture change remains an integral part of our institutional strategy.

We will continue the development of our organisational culture to develop both individuals and the University itself as Strategic Plan (2016–2020) unfolds. The development of an organisational culture is a continuous process and will adapt to meet the needs of the future. The current model promoting the need to support knowledge, impact and reputation through being connected, excellent and open will evolve to meet the new demands of Strategic Plan (2016–2020).

Building on the last strategic plan, the principal tenets of this strategic plan are achieving excellence, empowering our people and ensuring a sustainable future. These goals need to be brought to life so that they are tangible for everyone in the organisation, in a manner in which everyone engages. In the delivery of the plan, we must engage with the declared organisational values to test for alignment with our new aspirations. We will need to reinforce those values that stand the test of time and progressively introduce new ways of doing the things that we do. As we learn more about the key aspects of our future culture, we will further embed the values in all that we do, nurture their development and celebrate our progress.

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