Delivering the strategy


Strategic Plan (2016–2020) articulates our mission and vision, and sets out a clear strategic intent with institutional priorities.

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Delivering the strategy

Strategic Plan 2016-2020

In delivering this strategy we will:

  • Track our progress towards achieving our strategic objectives on a continuous basis, and monitor our performance, benchmarking externally against peers and sector norms as well as internal metrics, and communicate these to external and internal stakeholders.
  • Develop an enhanced set of institutional Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor our performance regarding student enrolment, student achievement and the student experience, teaching quality, research and enterprise, staff empowerment and sustainability. We will also monitor a set of financial and environmental metrics. The institutional KPIs and other institutional objectives will be devolved to faculty, school and departmental levels, supplemented by additional performance metrics as required.
  • In addition to the KPIs, track our progress and performance with regard to other institutional objectives outlined in this plan, in particular those pertaining to the pursuit of the excellence and sustainability agendas.
  • Ensure that we adhere to national quality benchmarks, strive to excel in the next Research Excellence Framework and the foreseen Teaching Excellence Framework.
  • Produce annual implementation plans on institutional, faculty, school and departmental levels, detailing specific actions and outcomes.
  • Ensure that staff are empowered to contribute to the institutional objectives by aligning their personal objectives with those set out in this plan.
  • Contribute to and implement national higher education policy imperatives.
Hull University Strategy Plan 2016-2020